The Beginning (AGAIN)

I officially finished my first draft on May 1st.  It’s terrible, but I finished.  (See previous entry, ie, “all first drafts are shit”.)  The more exciting part is my completed outline for draft two.  I think it’s got great potential, and I am thrilled to pieces to have a project I’m actually proud of.  So I have been lying low in limbo land, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for enough distance and/or time to pass to begin that second draft.  Time, everyone said.  Give it time, give yourself a break.  Turns out, two and a half weeks is about all I can stand.  I’m ready to go!  I’m ready to finish this thing!  So today is the day.  SECOND DRAFT HERE I COME!

For Research: Novel Shortcuts by Laura Whitcomb
For Leisure: The Dark & Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan